To be the most trusted builder in residential and commercial properties in the world. To construct high quality, eniviromental friendly and safe buildings at affordable price. To create continuous and sustainable prosperity for our employees, partners, shareholders, communities, country and the world. Our values serve as a direction for our thoughts and actions and describe how we do our job and behave in the world. Love God, Love our families, Love our neighbours, Love our country.


Ruko Kendal Semarang


  • At Prospera Jaya Group (PRAYA), We ensure our employees, customers, partners, and shareholders are satisfied with our products and services. We realise that we are not perfect therefore we are highly committed to be excellent in everything we do.

  • We Specialise in professional construction of residential and commercial buildings. We build houses, shophouses, warehouses and factories.

  • Whether you are thinking of building or renovating your homes, shops, offices, factories or warehouses, PRAYA can help you construct your dream home, office, factory or warehouse that you love on time and within budget.

  • At PRAYA, We only use high quality materials that comply with government standards and enviromentally friendly materials for our construction works.

Current Project

New Exciting Project, Tembalang

The latest project from PT Prospera Jaya Group (PRAYA) is a residential and lifestyle area in the Tembalang area, Semarang. There are housing, shop houses (ruko), and also boarding houses (rukost). Its strategic area is perfect for those of you who want to own a house in the city area, or for those of you who have plans to have a shop or boarding house business.

Please see full details here.

Company Name

PT. Prospera Jaya Group

Property Name

Arcade By The Way
Kendal, Central Java, Indonesia